Source of poisoning is center for supply of meat - says MoH

Sunday-2020-08-02 | 12:41 pm local_news

Health Minister Sa'ad Jaber said the research results showed that the source of poisoning in a group of restaurants is a center for supply of meat and materials that are provided with meals, where 5 tons of expired meat were seized in addition to half a ton of potatoes in the facility of the supply center.

Jaber told Petra, on Sunday, that 20 facilities in Salt, Sweileh, Ein al-Basha, and one restaurant in Amman were closed as precautionary measure until the lab tests results appear.

Jaber instructed the formation of a crisis cell that includes the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, the director general of Jordan Food and Drug Administration, the governor of Al Balqa governorate, delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, the director of Al-Balqa health affairs directorate, the director of the Health Ministry's communicable diseases directorate, and the Attorney General.

Fifty seven new food poisoning cases have been reported in Ein Al-Basha, Jaber noted, adding that all cases were admitted to the Prince Al-Hussein Hospital in Salt and Al-Hussein Hospital in Ein Al-Basha, where they were listed in moderate condition.