Haaretz: Israeli municipality builds shelter over Muslim cemetery in Jaffa

-2019-04-21 15:00:44 | arabian_international

The Tel Aviv municipality supported an Israeli plan of constructing a homeless shelter over a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa despite residents' opposition, Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported on Sunday.

Last week, the city began to demolish the cemetery dating from the Ottoman period in Jaffa, but the Supreme Court has ordered to freeze the construction after the Islamic Council filed a petition against the Israeli act.

According to the newspaper, a little over a year ago the city began to demolish a structure dating from the Ottoman period in Jaffa. In its place, the city wanted to build a three-story structure with a new homeless center and storefronts.

"However, when demolition began, 30 tombs containing human bones were discovered. The manner of burial and other historical data indicated that this was a Muslim cemetery in the Ottoman period," it added.

Dozens of Jaffa residents, including members of the Islamic Council protested the construction and entered the site, finding what they said was "a horrifying picture" as dozens of graves had been opened, some containing the remains of adult humans and children.