"The Nest of  bat" a new phenomenon sweeping Facebook

The Nest of  bat a new phenomenon sweeping Facebook
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Negotiations with hundreds of thousands ... and questions about the absence of censorship

 Amman - AlAnbat - Jomana Khanfar 

Al-Anabat monitored a new phenomenon through the Facebook social networking site for people who are trading videos and pictures that belong to the "the nest of  bat".

And showed how to differentiate between the real and fake  "nest" so as not to be subject to fraud,Where the person examines the nest through garlic because of the response of garlic begins to move and that person put paper and photographed and put today’s date to find a buyer.

AlAnbat has also monitored private pages that promote , sell and circulation of  information about them,The phenomenon of the "nest of the bat," the resentment of some being used for magic and others attributed that the reasons for selling due to the economic burden experienced by the Jordanian citizen and make him heading to this type of trade,It was also welcomed by another category to look for and trend to sell it.

Hundreds of thousands of negotiations

On those pages begins the promotion of the nest and the seller who convince the buyer a certain amount and then move to start conversations via private messages until the price is agreed to the nest and how to deliver it . 

some users did not stop display what they have of those nests inside Jordan, but they went to external pages to display what they have so as to keep the issue of delivery to them is unknown!

The price of the nest in some users reached to two hundred thousand dinars, ending with one million dinars.

The truth of what promotes the nest of the bat

Al-Anabat confirmed about the fact that there’s nest and Dr. Alex Abu-Ghazaleh said that the bat belongs to the mammalian species and does not have a special nest.

About the liquid inside it 

Bats produce an enzyme that helps stroke patients to live, as Australian researchers said that an enzyme helps the bat to pull blood freely prey may help stroke patients to survive,And that this is safer than the only currently allowed treatment.

The researchers said in this week's edition of Stroke that the compound stops blood clotting and is similar to a commercial drug to dissolve the clot, confirming that the enzyme DasMutPlus is stronger than current drugs.

Robert Medavek of Monash University in Victoria, Australia, said the enzyme destroys fibin, the structural component of blood clots.

 Medkaf said in a statement."When the bat vampire bites the victim, this powerful anti-clotting substance is released so that the blood of the victim continues to flow, allowing the bat to feed,"

During the study, the Australian team injected the enzyme (desmotablase) and commercial (TBI )into rat brains and then followed how brain cells lived.

They said that TBI can kill brain cells, but the enzyme dezemotables does not result in . 

Medkav said This may mean that the enzyme can help many stroke victims more than the drug because it can be administered many hours after the stroke,TBA is given within hours of the stroke, during which many people do not realize they have a stroke.


Many scientists have looked at the saliva of vampire animals such as the bat and insects such as ticks to create drugs that can help prevent blood clotting.

These animals produce natural anticoagulants.

There are dozens of drugs based on these compounds in the development stage. Bayon company , which is active in the pharmaceutical industry in Germany, is developing an enzyme (desmutables). The company is nearing the final stages of testing for stroke victims.

Magic and witchcraft 

Some users say that the bat's nest is required by sorcerers and sorcerers and is used by some magicians in their magical and malicious acts.

Lack of surveillance and page settings 



Many users wondered about the absence of the competent state agencies in controlling these pages, especially that the fraud are present and widespread through social networking sites, especially that the victims of the monument is constantly increasing.



Translated by : Diana Hilal

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